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1 . Online Agreement Form
For viewing only. This print-out is not valid for processing.

2 . Updating form - Individual
To update personal particulars such as addresses, contacts, employment, financial, etc.

3 . Personal Data Protection Act Form
Terms and conditions of Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

4 . Disclosure Form
Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad's rules relating to PO's form of disclosure by client.

5 . Structured Warrant Form
Application for trading in structured warrants and its risk disclosure statement.

6 . e-Statement Form
Apply to replace paper-based statement with electronic statement for Monthly Statement(s), Contract Note(s), Contra Statement(s), or any other statements introduced in the future.

7 . Customer Due Diligence - Individual
A mandatory form by client as part of the Know-Your-Client (KYC) policies.

8 . Foreign Trade Form
Application for trading in foreign stocks.

9 . Inverse and Leveraged ETFs Form
Application for trading in Leveraged & Inverse ETFs.

10 . Leap Market Risk Disclosure Statement Form
Application for trading in LEAP market.

11 . CDS Activation Form
Application for reactivation of CDS account.

12 . Change of Correspondence Form
To update the correspondence address.

13 . Change of Signature - Individual Form
To change the specimen signature.

14 . Change of Trader Form
To request change of dealer or remisier.

15 . Closing of Account Form
To request for closing of trading account.

16 . Market Depth Subscription Form
To subscribe/renew the 5 Market Depth.

17 . Electronic Share Payment (ESP) Form
To request for the crediting of payments. Eg. : Sales proceeds, contra gains and withdrawal of funds.