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Financing for new IPO/Placement/Subscription of Rights Issue

This financing service for new Initial Public Offering (IPO), shares placement and subscription of rights issue is only applicable on Special Margin Trading accounts (SMT). Consideration and approval for the financing is based on the following terms & conditions. However, Management reserved the absolute rights to vary the terms of the above subject to the merit of each application:-

- 60% but with minimum cash 50% of total amount applied.
Maintenance of Financing
- 50%
- T+11 from the date of listing.
Service/Admin Fee 1% cash upfront on total amount financed
Interest Charged 10% p.a. from date of Debit Note raised
Interest Free If Debit Note is settled within 10 trading days from date of listing
Processing Fee Stamp Duty/Bank draft charges/Nominees Fee (where applicable)
Other Terms & Conditions
- Remain unchanged as per SMT Agreement.