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Service Deactivated?

If you erroneously key-in your password for 3 consecutive times, your online service will be temporarily deactivated. In order to reactive your account, please call our CSRs at 603 - 5567 3030.

How can I change my Login Password and Trading PIN?

Click on Change Password/ Change PIN to change your Login Password and Trading PIN.

What happens if I forget my Password or Pin?

Forgot Password Process

  • Select 'Forgot Password' Option
  • Key in User ID to retrieve Hint to Password
  • Answer correctly to the Hint retrieved
  • A 6-digit code will be sent to client registered email
  • Use the 6-digit code to logon
  • Upon logon, you are required to change to a new password. You will be prompted to 'Change Password' page once successfully logon

Forgot Pin Process

  • Select 'Forgot Pin' Option 
  • Answer correctly to the Hint shown in 'Hint to Pin' column.
  • A 6-alphanumeric code will be sent to client registered email
  • Go to the Home page and select 'Change Pin' Option
  • Use the 6-alphanumeric code to change to a valid 6-digit code to trade.

Therefore, it is very important to have a valid email address for correspondences via Internet. In the event your 'Change password' page did not appear upon logon with the correct 6-digit code, you may be blocked by some pop up blocker tool. Please go to FAQ-Technical info on how to manage this incident.

Forgot Your Answer to Hint?

If you cannot recollect the answer to the hint question you provided at the point of registration, please call our CSRs at 603 - 5567 3030 for assistance.
Should you wish to change your hint and hint answer, please submit a request via e-mail or letter to our CSR.
Contact our CSRs at
Tel : 603 - 5567 3030